Environmental Impact Assessment

We specialise in Environmental Impact Assessment of plans and programmes, also known as strategic environmental assessment. The context of environmental impact assessment is changing. There is a trend towards broadening the scope of environmental impact assessment and include new themes, such as energy transition, climate adaptation, health, sustainability. We explored the opportunities and obstacles of a broader scope of environmental impact assessment. Widening the scope of the EIA has added value only if the available information is sufficiently detailed and concrete. In current EIA practice, the decision information tends to decrease in detail, reducing the steering possibilities of EIA.

Broadening the assessment framework

Working with a broader set of themes has several implications for the methodology:

  • Describing the current situation and its autonomous development (reference situation) requires reliable and valid data.
  • The assessment framework. A more comprehensive set of themes and assessment criteria leads to more complexity.
  • Monitoring and evaluation. Establishing a monitoring plan with indicators for directors to manage can be a difficult task.

Aanmeldnotitie m.e.r.

The literature does not provide an unambiguous definition of broad EIA. Nonetheless, a precise delineation of themes in broad EIA and ‘Triple P’ in the assessment framework is necessary (see Table 1). Climate adaptation includes livability aspects. Livability involves health protection, social safety, and green neighbourhoods.