The Story of Stedeling

We started several years ago under our company name “Stedeling”. It stands for townsman, city dweller. Recently we start to set up the Sustainable City Foundation, in which various professionals work together to promote a transition to sustainable cities and regions.

Our activities focus on:

  • Policy Consulting. Designing programs and concrete projects to initiate, continue and complete the transition to a sustainable city.
  • Knowledge transfer. We organize workshops, supervise students, trainees and internship assignments.
  • Project management of projects that make a region more sustainable.

The start of the foundation is the result of gained knowledge and experience without a route mapped out in detail. There was progressive insight and growth toward concrete ambitions. The sustainable development of cities is also not linear in nature but has its peaks and valleys. But, there are many attractive opportunities.


We support municipalities and regions in realizing their ambitions for sustainable development. We want to contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy, an inclusive society and the preservation of vulnerable nature and biodiversity. Our ambition is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the development of sustainable cities and communities.

Core values

Our core values are:

  • Autonomous/independent
  • Socially engaged
  • Personal/professional development
  • Creativity
  • Transparency

Integrity, creativity and an open attitude are of paramount importance to us. Our community involvement is closely linked to our commitment to and also concern for the future of the Earth. As a learning organization, we invest in personal and professional development. Co-creation and knowledge sharing are important principles. We are up for challenging assignments. We are interested in involvement in the elaboration of projects if his are not yet sufficiently crystallized or defined.

Our vision on project management

We do not necessarily work from fixed ideas about the project result; we always think about the next step. We trust that solutions will present themselves along the way. The result unfolds over time, as it were, by continuing to take steps and experimenting as necessary. It remains exciting to see how the commitment to a project can be sustained.